How 2020 changed us

Before March 2020 we had a large team and had multiple routes a day going in different directions.  It felt like sky was the limit and nothing could stop us.  Until Covid hit.  At first, it didn't affect us much since we were essential, and people still needed us. However, because we took safety precautions for us and our clients, we didn't take on new routine clients and only took on empty and vacant homes that needed cleaned.  Little by little our business revenue changed and one by one we lost our team dynamics.  Going out to work was scary and many did not want to take the risk.  Once we could open back up and preform normal operations we began to hire again.  Hiring since Covid is a night and day experience and I have found no luck as of yet.  It's hard for a small business with a limp leg to find someone that fits this field and can thrive in it.  Now, it's just 2 of us and we have changed how we do things a lot.  The 1 main thing that has stayed the same is our desire and need to be the best at what we do.  I started this to change what cleaning standards are and I believe I have done that.  I want to thank our loyal clients and community for their continued support to get us back up on our feet and recover from our 2020 losses.  We couldn't do what we do and keep going like we have if it weren't for you.

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