What is a deep clean?

We have learned that not only does the definition of a deep clean vary, but the definition on what clean is varies too.  We have a standardized way of deep cleaning and here I will attempt to explain.  We estimate deep cleans based on square footage, time it takes on average to complete a job of that size, level of cleaning needed, materials, and service fee.  We have gotten it all down to almost a perfect science.  Smaller jobs we come as a team of 2 and larger jobs we come as a team of 3 or 4 depending on the level of cleaning needed and the size of the job.

When we come in we all split up. Someone will start in the bathrooms, someone will start the kitchen and if it is a larger team the others will start in the other rooms of the house.  The person that starts in your bathrooms is going to start on one wall at the top and work all the way down moving from left to right or right to left.  The light fixtures will be removed and washed, walls washed, baseboards washed, grout bleached, fixtures shined, outlet covers cleaned, mirrors washed, and when that person is finished with your bathroom it will look brand new.  The cabinets are washed, toilet scrubbed, shower completely clean.  When they are finished you will be unable to find a hair, a smudge or dirt in any where.  If there is a window in there then that is getting washed as well as the inside where the dirt builds up and the tracks.  We finish with thoroughly cleaning your floors and mopping. Most floors we prefer the steam mop.  We have bona mops, swiffer mops, wet heavy mops, steam mops and we aren't afraid to hand scrub either.

The person that started in your kitchen is cleaning it the same way.  Top to bottom and left to right or right to left.  One fluid motion across the room your cabinets are cleaned, your light fixtures washed, ceiling fans cleaned, counters sanitized (stone cleaner for stone counters), sink cleaned and polished, stove and oven surface made spotless, microwave cleaned inside and out, walls and baseboards washed, and you're going to love the next part.  Everything on your counters is wiped, organized, dusted, cleaned and also deep cleaned.  That means your coffee pot, toaster, blender, and everything else is moved and cleaned under and also cleaned before going back.  Do you have a clutter zone?  That is okay too!!  We will move it, clean the area and then put it back in a tidy fashion.   Table and chairs are thoroughly cleaned and when they are finished your kitchen will look brand new.  They are even going to wash your trash can, take your trash can and take away all those spill spots from the wall next to it.  Oh, there is a window?  That gets cleaned just like the bathroom one did.

The whole home will be cleaned in this way.  Pictures cleaned, nic nacs detailed, walls washed, scuff marks removed, furniture vacuumed, wood is murphy's oiled, stainless steel is polished, light fixtures washed, beds made, clutter tidied, all furnitrue is moved and cleaned under and behind.  When we deep clean you just can't clean any deeper.

Some of our favorite products are Barkeepers Friend, Lysol Clean and Fresh, Comet, Bona, Shark, Swiffer and Mr Clean.

We take cleaning very seriously and we are not happy if you are not happy.  I always say, "We are not perfect but we try really hard to be".  It doesn't happen often but it has happened that we miss something.  It unfortunately happens to everyone, but we come back within 24 hours if you see we missed something.  Off days happen for everyone but I am very confident in our teams ability to do the job right every time.

It isn't clean unless it's ninja clean so contact us today so we can ninja that mess away!!

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